i think im going to download nosgoth & aion?

does anyone wanna try playing aion with me?

is Aion still a thing?

Anonymous asked: have you ever played Smite?? It's pretty good.

it looks exactly like LoL but better made

i like mmorps more like with PvP and customization and idk exploring different maps and all that 

Anonymous asked: do you still play WoW?

no I cant afford it :(

Anonymous asked: You should play with your followers a few times a month.

I would love to do that, im just looking for a game to try out. like Nosgoth looks like a lot of fun tbh

Anonymous asked: When you first start off you hate it. Will you play a few games with me? I'll tell you what you're doing wrong.

uh nooo my summoner was level 26. I literally just got bored with it, i dont like it very much. theres like 4 maps and its all the same its dumb

Anonymous asked: How are your cacti

theyre starting to blossom :))

Anonymous asked: What's you summoner name in League of Legends. Rift was alright when I played.

i quit league I hate it

Anonymous asked: What have you played in the past?

last chaos

world of warcraft

league of legends

runes of magic

im looking at rift right now but i like playing with a good bunch of other people. and i dont think its very populated anymore

guess someone help me find a new mmorpg please

Does anyone know if Rift is any good or worth playing? does it have a high player base?