My name is Gavin, 16, the rest is in faq

Anonymous said: That cute ass would go great with this big dick.

thats exactly what someone with a small dick would say

Anonymous said: Just post it for a quick min or 2 :(

nope thats the best youre getting amigos :)

Anonymous said: could you post a butt pic on snapchat or here or something?

i took this amazing picture of my ass but i cant post it and now im sad :(

Anonymous said: Like trjoel butt pics 👌👌👌

see but im not allowed to show my actual butt bc #minor

Anonymous said: Show us a seductive pose of your butt! That bump and curve ;)

if you want these panties off youre gonna have to take them off yourself

Anonymous said: Duh we want to see it

But like how what kinds of pics u feel

Anonymous said: Wait did you post a butt pic?

No omg I guess you all want one though?

Anonymous said: I would love to suck that huge cock of yours and swallow your massive load of cum!

Although swallowing cum is fun, have you thought about swallowing the word of Jesus?