My name is Gavin, 16, the rest is in faq

The worst part about rewatching the first season is that I already remember the big plot twist in this show. I just need to get to season two because I don’t remember shit from that season

Anonymous said: I think you have a lovely ass! Perfect for fun time ;)

Why does everyone assume I’m about to bottom?? What if I want my butthole to stay tight?? I mean like obviously not but I would like to start small and I feel like these anons always have huge dicks

Anonymous said: i love how slutty yet beautiful you are

I’m not beautiful, I’m literally Betty, you don’t understand

Anonymous said: Your butthole needs a good tongue action.

See like im totally down for all of this but I’m watching Ugly Betty right now so can we get a raincheck?

Anonymous said: Let's fuck!


I am literally Betty Suarez in boy form

  -  31 August

Anonymous said: ¿Puedes hablar español? ¡Qué bueno! Yo puedo también.

Hablo un poco porque yo ha tomado dos años de español en mi escuela

Me dan atención